Nelson Laplagne (Santiago de Chile, May 5, 1972) is an outstanding Chilean saxophonist, composer, arranger and producer.

More than 20 years of uninterrupted career as a saxophonist, session musician and producer. In the last decade he has led the group «Nelson Laplagne & Bee-Shock Beat Project» transforming over the years, into a group formed by outstanding musicians, such as bassists Christian Gálvez, Miguel Ángel Pérez, Daniel Navarrete and Igor Saavedra, Carlos drummers Figueroa, Carlos Cortés, Marcelo Filippi, Cristóbal Rojas and Dany Rodríguez, guitarist Carlos Corales, vibraphonist Carlos Vera, accordionist Ignacio Hernández among others. He has also participated in national and international jazz festivals.
He has been part of and collaborated in different musical projects with Freddy Torrealba, Christian Gálvez, Mario Rojas, Carlos Corales, Chancho in Piedra, Clandestine Emotions, Rita Góngora, Denisse Malebrán, Voodoo Funk (ARG), Cale Narman (BRA) and John Kennedy (USES).


Faithful disciple of clarinetist and Italo-Argentinian conductor Rafael Del Giudice and sax maestro Patricio Ramírez

Production Work

Active promoter in the diffusion of Jazz in Chile, creating as an artistic producer more than 22 versions of Jazz festivals in the communes of Pirque, San Miguel, El Bosque and San Bernardo adding in this last commune the Bass Collection and Guitar Collection. In addition, he is the creator of ChileJazzFest.